No, I don’t think it’s doomsday but I think God is trying to get our attention. We’ve gotten off course. We’re not hitting the mark of remaining morally upright. We’ve strayed from being a people who have standards that we absolutely refuse to let go of no matter what pretty or shiny thing (that is morally corrupt) catches our eyes.

God is telling us what He sees that He wants us to ditch before we walk off the cliff before we fall head first into an almost animalistic, self-gratifying, self-serving world society. Right now, He’s sending out His warning signals and wants to know if anyone is listening? I think He sees us as children who need some course corrections because He knows the end for those who don’t get His hints. Sometimes, the only way God can get our attention is to bring affliction. But, He’s never been One to just afflict without also letting us see His love, goodness and mercy.

For those of us who care what God is thinking and who listen to His words and actions of correction, God is taking what was meant for evil, harm, destruction and death and turning it around by using it for our good. How? Here are the first ten things that came to mind.

First, I think God is using this time to separate. We separate people by race, color and religion but God separates us based on whether we follow His Son, Jesus, or not. I don’t mean separation in terms of death or who gets Covid 19 but I do mean in terms of whose hearts are truly committed to Jesus and whose on the distant sidelines. God is searching our hearts (places we cannot hide our true motives and feelings) and looking for those who have yielded their hearts to Him in true submission and humbleness. Those who have had a truly heartfelt repentance and really do get the enormity of what Jesus did on the cross.

If you were to be separated into the group you never thought you were in would you be surprised to the point of humbling yourself before God or would that make you angry at God and walk away?

Secondly, I think that God is forcing people to choose the God whom they will serve. Everyone serves a god but not everyone serves the Great I Am. Jesus is drawing people to make choices and not think that because they waffle on the issue of committing to God that they haven’t already made a choice. By not specifically choosing Jesus, they’ve made a choice.

Today, as you choose what you will stand for and who you will stand beside, will that be standing up for God and standing beside Jesus?

Thirdly, I think that God is hardening those who are His own to difficulties. Isaiah 41:10 in the Amplified Bible says, “ Fear not [there is nothing to fear], for I am with you; do not look around you in terror and be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you; yes, I will hold you up and retain you with My [victorious] right hand of rightness and justice.” God is helping those whose lives are really committed to the long haul with Jesus to become strengthened and hardened to difficulties. He’s building us into warriors.

Is God hardening you to difficulties by taking you through them with Him at your side or are you just a helpless victim with no hope and nowhere to turn in this crisis?

Fourth, God is using this opportunity to refine His people. We’ve still got a ways to go on this issue. We take on a lot of the things of the world that God doesn’t approve of and didn’t ask us to get involved in. We are now getting our own “coming to Jesus” moment. This is the time when those who will go the extra distance will remember that it’s all about Jesus and not about them or what they want. That’s easier said than done so I guess God decided to allow Covid 19 to wake people up, call them back to church and pull up the slack that they’ve gotten used to. We test God quite a bit with how much we can get by with and now I think He’s letting us know He’s had enough slacking.

Are the things you suffer random and meaningless or are they opportunities that God can use to work a refining process in your life to make you stronger?

Fifth, John the Baptist said it like this, “Prepare the way of the Lord”. This ties into number four in that it is a time to stop sinning (and even near sinning) that we’ve been enmeshed in. It’s a time to get our hearts right because Jesus is coming back to rapture the church soon. Even though today isn’t doomsday, the bible tells us that there will be a doomsday in our future. This is the time to make our hearts right, to cut out the fighting, accusing and violence and focus in the beam of wood in our own eye before we try to get the splinter out of the world’s eye.

Do you shrug off all warnings as being over-reactionary and without merit or do you take the signs of impending danger seriously?

Sixth, it’s amazing how quickly a person will shape up and eat right when faced with a possible medical crisis! They run to the health food store and get all new food in an attempt to turn around the downhill effects of a life of poor eating habits. Was it a shadow on the Xray or was that really what they think it might be?  Was the lump real or imagined? Was it something to worry about or was it nothing important? We tend to make our way much more straight in a much greater hurry when we see that death or disaster may be crouched on our doorstep. If we’ve waited too long then we’re out on our ear. Yet, we assume that what we needed to do was to JUST change the way we eat. We assume that is the TOTAL answer to our health dilemma. We never consider the anger or lack of forgiveness that crouches in our hearts. We never consider the things we’ve done to others that really hurt them but we’ve long forgotten we ever did. We cleanse the outside of the cup and hope that will also cleanse the inside as well. And that’s something that only Jesus can do.

In the overall picture of your life do you think that it is better to have been physically fine tuned or spiritually in right standing with God?

Seventh, Jesus has a plan for this earth and the humans that live on it. His plan is going to happen, case closed, end of discussion. Even if He has to drill through the solid rock of our complacency and apathy, He will get the job done. Our entire earth is encased in a rock-like hardness of the current monetary system. It is leading the way instead of us! Jesus’ new kingdom will be far different than our current world-driven monetary system. This system leaves the poor in poverty and makes the rich richer still. It’s got to go because Jesus is having none of it. So, He’s digging through the solid rock of our unyielding, uncaring and unmerciful monetary system and grinding it into dust. From dust it came and to dust it shall return!

Is money your defense, shield and high tower that you run into in times of trouble or do you rely on, trust in and depend on the Lord?

Eight, when God starts a project He makes sure that He finishes that project. He doesn’t give up or lose hope. He doesn’t wander off into a mental fog or lose interest. What God says He’s going to do is what He’ll do. His Son, Jesus, is the same way. The bible reassures us that He will complete the good work that He has begun in us. I think we were all hoping that statement meant through sunshine, flowers and warm sea breezes with a cool drink in our hands. But, the truth is Jesus plainly told us that things were going to get tough in the end and we’re almost there. Just remember that there is one more thing Jesus promised us in the bible and that is that He will be with us to the end and beyond. He is a faithful friend and once He’s made up His mind to stick close to someone they can count on His word.

Are you an unfinished work that randomly wanders to imaginary goal lines in life or are you a work that is carefully and thoughtfully thought out and nurtured by God which He will see to completion?

Ninth, God is aligning His people for victory. At the present we look at this horror that is being played out in the world and victory seems like the last thing we’re headed for but it is. We have to keep in mind that Jesus already won the victory on the cross and now we all can eagerly look to God to deliver us from the hands of this nasty virus. We can cry out as the Hebrew children enslaved in Egypt did and just watch His strong right hand. We can do that only by faith. We have faith that the sun will come up every morning so let’s not have more faith in that ball of fire than we do in our God, right?

Are you being aligned for victory in Christ Jesus or are you following the world’s hollow drumbeat that promises victory but never guarantees it?

Tenth, just hear me out on this one. God is using this time to clear away the deadwood that we carry around in our hearts. I am NOT talking about killing off people! I am talking about all the junk, refuse and baggage that we schlep around with as if it’s a treasure. Jesus is ready for us to embrace forgiveness, servanthood, giving and so much more that He taught us to do. We’ve got to dump the junk out of the trunk and drive on. This process is really important to make us ready for that day when Jesus appears in the clouds and we lift off the earth in the rapture. Let’s take this time to do some of the hardest work on ourselves that we’ve ever done. It will be the most rewarding and freeing as well.

What treasure is hidden in your heart that God considers junk?

And here we are at ten. Tenth on my list is that God is calling all people to humble themselves before Him and pray. If we seek His face and turn from our own ways that seem right to us and rely on Him for right thinking and right actions He will bring healing and restoration. The times and opportunities to do this are growing short. Let’s not get so caught up in saving our planet and letting our souls rot. Let’s release ourselves to Jesus Who is the Author and Finisher of our faith.

Do you have faith in Darwin and worship his ideas and extol his ideas or do you declare that you have faith in Jesus’ truth, way and life?

To sum up, if you have an interest in turning the world’s direction around then it is up to you to begin by turning yourself around. Now is a great time to express your interest to God in having faith in Him that He will be on your side through these troubled times. If you haven’t already done so, I would encourage you to begin by turning to God with the above list and questions. Just talk to Him and be honest. I can guarantee that as you see the deep inward places of your heart change you will also see your world change around you.

Whatever you do, keep seeking, keep knocking and keep asking. Jesus hears, opens the door and will reveal Himself to you.

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