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I was watching a news report on the growing problem with squatters. Apparently, they move into a home that no one is living in but someone else owns and they just live there. It also is a mystery to me as to why it is illegal to evict squatters from a property you own, but I guess it is.

Squatters gain some kind of legal ground when they move into a property that has been declared abandoned. Even though it may take time, it is possible to get the squatters evicted off the property. By that time, I would think, they have done damage to the property. It is also possible to have squatters arrested for trespassing.

So, why a blog post about squatters? So many people ask the question as to why God didn’t just destroy the devil in the beginning. They want to know why God has allowed the devil to be a squatter. It seems like a logical question but the answer is a bit more complicated, just like the laws about evicting squatters from your property.

The good news is that God has a plan and the plan is to not only evict the devil who is squatting on His earth but to also arrest him for trespassing as well. This plan will come into play in the end times, after Jesus returns to earth again. The final battle will be brutal but Jesus and His army will win and the Archangel, Michael, will bind the devil and throw him into hell. There he will be chained for a thousand years.

Now, the reason God did not just get rid of the devil was because when Adam and Eve sinned (believed the devil’s lies as if they were truth) they became yoked to the devil. The three of them became entangled together in a kind of bond. Where the devil led, Adam and Eve had to follow. They took on sin and exchanged the truth of God that they had for the lie that the devil was offering and when they did they became yoked together in a kind of pact.

There is a parable told by Jesus in the gospels of a man who sows a crop in a field but in the middle of the night his enemy throws down seeds of weeds called tares (a weed that closely resembles wheat). As the crop is growing the farmhands want to know if the owner of the field would like them to pull up the tares. The owner says, “no, leave the tares to grow up with the wheat and at harvest time we will separate the wheat from the tares. If you pull up the tares you will also pull up the roots of the wheat because the two root systems are now intertwined. It is best to leave them alone and let them grow.” (Paraphrased by me….Matthew 13:24-42)

The same is true of the situation we have with the devil, even today. We are entangled with the devil just as much (if not more so) as Adam and Eve were. If God were to cut off the devil from the face of the earth He would also have to pull us away as well. Our root systems are intertwined. So, God has decided to leave the devil as he is and merely conquer him another way.

What other way? God decided to shower love on all of us humans by sending His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross and remove the very sin that has attached us to the devil in the first place. That is, if we accept His gracious gift of freedom from sin through Jesus’ new blood covenant, our yoke to the devil is broken and we are freed. But, there are still many people that God is waiting on to see if they too will accept this gracious gift. God is sure that more will come to Jesus and so He is waiting to harvest the world until everyone who will come to Jesus does so.

The bible says that all of us humans have sinned and fallen short of God’s perfection. We can’t help it. But, God knows that we can’t help it and has given us the way to get out of the rut of sinning. He has made a way to free us of the pact with the devil. The devil doesn’t like this at all. He has been bent on destroying God and all of God’s children since day one. He believes that he has created a real “thing” in the universe and that thing he thinks he created is called death. He believes he owns death and all its rights and privileges. He believes that mankind is paying a kind of homage to him through death, dying and suffering.

But, God in His mercy has made the way through death into eternal life. Jesus showed us the way when He voluntarily died on the cross. He paved the way for us. By doing so He conquered death so that it no longer held sway over Him and thus was able to freely share His victory over death with us, those who choose to accept His free and gracious gift of His very live.

So, we wait. We live our lives as best we can in a manner that will please God and we wait for that final day when we all will be completely free of the devil, his demons, hell, sin and death. The curse we’ve been under will be completely broken.

The question for me, one day, came down to knowing whether or not God sees me as wheat or if He sees me as a tare? Because I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and believed on His death on the cross for the removal of my sins, I am convinced that God sees me as wheat.

But, what about you? How does God see you? How do you want God to see you? What do you need to do in order to be completely sure of that?

Jesus stands at the door of your heart and He knocks. What will you choose?

Keep thinking ahead,

Janet Williams

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