∼The Middle of the Garden∼

My experiences from walking and talking with Jesus in the middle of life's garden…a blog by Janet Williams

It’s the ongoing continuation of a thing that God is looking forward to not the accomplishing of a thing or a finishing of a thing. 

It is the next step in the dance, the next sip of wine, the next bite of a meal, the next day of a life, the next page of a story, etc., that He is looking forward to. It is the propelling forward by seemingly inocuous, daily movements that God looks for because He can be a part of that. The finishing of a thing is the end of the dance or the end of the meal and the opportunity for relationship, conversation, dance, new life, discovery of characters is past. 

Maybe, the saddest words the Father ever heard from Jesus’ lips were, “It is finished”?


by Janet Williams

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