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My experiences from walking and talking with Jesus in the middle of life's garden…a blog by Janet Williams

Suppose I were to own 988,832 acres of land, which is roughly the size of Rhode Island, would I get to choose how the land was used? Probably, yes. Would I get to choose who is invited onto my land? Probably, yes. Would I be able to keep out anyone that I don’t want on my land? Most likely, yes. Do I get to make the rules for the people whom I do allow on my land? Most definitely, yes. Now, what if I were able to own the entire world?

…and what if living on it was by invitation only?

It may appear unfair to anyone who wanted to come onto my land and live there when I said, “Nope, not having you”, But, like it or lump it, I own the land and it is my choice. If I find you on my land, I have every right to throw you off. That’s not illegal, that’s my right because it’s my land. Where you go after that is your decision and your problem, right?

So, what if the only rule I had for my land was that you had to go by all the rules of my son (who is the caretaker of my land)? Would you still want to be on my land? If he were to tell you that his biggest rule is that you were to love HIS parents (namely, me) with all you’ve got, would you still want to be on my land? If he were to tell you that on my land you are to to conform to his mind and decisions at all times, would you want to live there? Would you want to be there for an eternity with these rules? I guess, it all would depend on whether you saw that living on my land by my rules was still a much better life for you than living anywhere else. If you felt the grass was greener on some other part of the earth then I can’t imagine you’d find my land to appealing. But, if you were so hungry and so thirsty; if you were so abused and poverty stricken; if you were so neglected and rejected, I imagine my land by my rules would be considered, heaven.

You ultimately have free will. You can choose whether those terms sound agreeable to you or not. You choose whether you will stay in the land you are currently residing in or whether you want to come onto my land and live with and under the rule of my son. No one is forcing you. It’s just that, once again, it’s my land. I own it. I can do pretty much what I want with it. Your being there could potentially enhance the experience of being happy for many other residents or your being on my land could become a source of trouble. I would want to be sure that you are willing to get along with everyone on my land, especially with my son. You’ll spend a lot of time together but you’ll be doing what he want to do and not what you want to do. You’ll be living under his Kingship, by his rules and his judgments are final.

It isn’t a prison, though. You can leave. But, that’s why I don’t let you onto my land right away. I wait to see how you will act on the land outside of mine for many years. I want to know if you really mean it or if you just want a better, easier way of life. I want to know if you really will follow every thing my son tells you to do and whether or not you will go peaceably about doing it or whether you will fight it tooth and nail. I also want to watch to see if you stir up trouble. I want to know if you are divisive and stir up conflict. I want to know if you are only trying to get onto my land to manipulate, destroy and take advantage of my son and everyone else there.

I have spent immense amounts of money, time and planning on how the cities and communities on my land look. I have created and designed each home, church and school. There is never any want in my land. I provide all food, clothing, shelter and healthcare. All of which are perfect and without flaws. I provide all transportation, work and opportunities for advancement. Everyone on my land has a chance at becoming more than what they were on the land outside mine. On my land you can reach for the stars. Crops grow larger on my land. All the people are able to get enough rest. I provide refreshment for their souls.

Now, suppose that instead of electing a leader for my land I appoint my son to be King of the land. Would you want to live on my land then?

But, what if my son could promise you, as King, that there would be no more sickness, need, violence, war, death, false religions, false idols, troubles or worries on my land? Would you want to live there? There’d be no need for money, religious mumbo jumbo or politics there. How about now?

These are the questions that face each one of us as we contemplate Jesus and His prophesied future earthly kingdom. The earth belongs to the Father. He owns the title deed. We came after He created it. He has told us that if we want to live on this new earth with Jesus as the King then we have to live by Jesus’ rules. We have to live Jesus’ way. The thing is is that if you didn’t like and resect and believe Jesus on this old earth, why would you want to go to His new earth? And furthermore, why would Jesus want you there? If all you are going to do is grumble, gripe, protest, war and complain then you just don’t belong there. Being in heaven would be hell to you if you didn’t really like Jesus. But, also hell would be hell to you. Getting into Jesus’ kingdom is a priveledge but if all you see it as is as an escape or a ticket to easy street, you’re probably not getting in. Getting invited by Jesus to enter into His new earthly kingdom is an honor. He’s looking for those who feel it would be an honor and live their lives in a state of constant earnestness to please Jesus in all they do. He wants those who practice now, on this current earth, how they will behave in his future earthly kingdom.

You may feel that it is selfish of God give you only one good choice for the afterlife and that if you don’t do everything His way that He’ll put you in hell? Wouldn’t it be more selfish if God didn’t give you a choice? If you lived this whole earthly experience knowing that God never gave you any free will here? If you never got to choose where you’d live or who you would marry or what you’d eat for lunch, wouldn’t that be selfish? Wouldn’t that be as if you were a slave? If you see that living in Jesus’ kingdom, on Jesus’ land, as being slavery and drudgery then it tells you how little you really want to be there.

God, in His infinite wisdom, chose to make us humans of free will who are actually enslaved and don’t know it. But, we are His slaves. Before we volunteered to become Jesus’ slaves we were enslaved to sin. Jesus said, “Whomever, the Son sets free shall be free indeed!” John 8:35-37. NIV Could there be a possibility that Jesus’ concept of slavery in His kingdom is vastly different than that same concept on this present rock?

Jesus came to make us His slaves so that He could, in turn, set us free. He came to make us die so that we could, in turn, be made alive again. He came to show us what true Life and true freedom really are and then He gave these to us. He came to show us the way to eternal life through humility and then gave us grace to endure it.

When Jesus comes again, this land will be His land. He will rule and reign as King. He will decide what culture we live by and what rules we live under. The Bible tells us that He will rule as with a rod of iron. If you do well, God will be pleased with you and if you do not do well sin will be crouching at your door and its desire will be to devour you.

So, why? Why does it have to be this way? Because, the human species is know by God to be a race of polluters. We pollute everything. We pollute the water and the land. We pollute space with our junk. We’ve even managed to pollute the moon. The worst things that we pollute is our own hearts. We pollute our desires. We exchange healthy desires for foul ones. We even go so far as to work to pollute others’ hearts so that they’re just as messed up as our own. But, Jesus won’t tolerate pollution in His new earthly kingdom. He won’t stand for it.

God has done far more than come halfway. Now, it’s our turn to just take a step towards Him with an honest, open and sincere heart.

If you don’ know the Jesus Who sets people free and if you want to live in His kingdom forever, consider asking Jesus to come into your life. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you and make a decision to follow Him. He loves you so much that He’s already given you the keys to His kingdom.

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