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My experiences from walking and talking with Jesus in the middle of life's garden…a blog by Janet Williams

Have you ever noticed how most relationships begin with a question? Boy meets girl and boy asks her out on a date. Girl wants to get to know boy and asks him to help her with her math homework.

But, when God first took action in creating the universe and all that is in it, He didn’t begin with a question, just a single word. Bible scholars, Theologians and Rabbi’s have pondered over which word was spoken. In the book of John chapter one it strongly implies that God may have spoken out the name of His Son, Jesus.

“In the beinning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God Himself.” John 1:1 (AMP)

I know that in my life, when I wanted to come into a relationship with God I asked Him questions, a lot of questions. At first, they were mostly about evil. “Why do You, God, allow suffering?” was the first one. “Why don’t You, God, just wipe the evil people off of the earth?” was another one. Every time I listened to the depressing and heartwrenching stories on the news of violence and injustice, I would ask these questions.

An answer from God came after I moved into my first apartment. It was over a Physicians office. I loved that place. One night I was up in the middle of the night and went into the kitchen and sat down. To my shock and horror a cockroach crawled up my leg. I stood up and brushed the thing off as quickly as I could. I then flicked on the light to find it and kill it but it was long gone.

The biggest part of the problem wasn’t the gross feeling of that thing crawling up my leg but that I might be eating dinner some day and it would crawl across the table or into my food. It might show up with its friends and family. I became acutely aware of my surroundings. Every time a breeze came by I began brushing imaginary bugs away thinking that it wasn’t just the breeze but it was a cockroach again.

I told the landlady and they had someone come in and spray. But, we all know that just spraying doesn’t get rid of an infestation of those things. They lay eggs and the eggs hatch because they are impervious to the bug spray. And a whole new generation is born.

This is often the way God answers my questions. It’s not always that a scripture comes to my mind but that a memory or a new experience will take place that alters my viewpoint and enlarges my frame of reference to the bigger point. This memory of the cockroaches was one of those ways that God answered my questions about wiping out all the people who were evil in the world. And it was also a way for the two of us (God and me) to communicate with each other in our relationship.

I learned that in the end we are all evil. We tend to think evil thoughts and plot evil plots. We tend to hurt the people we love the most with our biggest crushing blows of all. We have contentious relationships with our families. Bickering and complaining and accusing seems to be the norm for every family. We have mini “wars” in our relationships. We are nothing more than cockroaches. But, we think we are the brightest living beings in the Universe. We act like we are all that! We also see evil as being something that is in other people and not within our own selves. We see others as the cockroaches they really are, how they’ve done us wrong and how they profited over having done us wrong. We want God to “go-get-em!”. But, God in His patient forebearance of us human shaped cockroaches has taken pity on us. He looks down at us and has spared no expense to ensure that we receive grace and forgiveness despite the fact that we still go out again and act like a cockroach. It is only when we see our own selves as being in the same boat as the most evil people in the world that we get the idea of the fine line God must have to walk with us. If He killed off the most evil people in the world, well, that would be all of us. He’s not just going to stomp on the one that tries to crawl up His leg in defiant hubris. He knows there are thousands more just like him/her just hiding in dark corners and crevices and they’re all laying eggs. I guess we like to see evil on a sliding scale like Hitler is extremely evil and I am, therefore, seen by God as being extremely good. Or  God sees that I keep MOST of the rules SOME of the time. But, God doesn’t see us by comparison, it’s on a person by person basis.

In asking God my casual questions, I got an answer but that answer only led to more questions. I did not expect that the light of truth (in His answer) to shine on me, however. That is what the truth of God and the answer from God does. It never comes across as a static fact but it is full of truth. Would it be love if God showed me the whole truth about the rest of the world but left me to believe lies? That is why many don’t ask God questions, they want to stay in their deception. They don’t want to hear God’s perspective because it will alight on them in a way that may show them as less than gleaming, stellar individuals. It will point out their need for a relationship with God.

That is the humbling process of having a relationship with God. His voice causes one to suddenly feel how much less than God’s ideal each of us truly is.

It should be noted, however, that this is not God’s intention. He is not trying to make anyone feel inferior, stupid or evil. But, this is all part of the “getting-to-know-You, God” process. It is part of what relationship is and does. It is a part of that give and take in a relationship. Questions can be asked both ways in a relationship.  And the end point of it all is that through knowing the truth, each of us will be set free from our cockroach ways. One by one our wars will die out. One by one our cruelty will subside and we will know, deep within, that Jesus had a lot to do with that.

So, if you have trouble taking that first step by asking the first question to begin a relationship with God, why not try God’s way and just say the one Word, in love and respect. God is eager to meet you right where you are. He is interested in creating within you not just all around you.

Thanks for your visiting my site and for reading my post. Be blessed and walk into the Light every day and you will find rest for your soul (mind, will, emotion).

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