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Interesting! I never saw this before today….

In Genesis 15:18 God made a covenant with Abram. Vs’ 12-16 tell us that God promised Abram a multitude of descendants when as yet Abram had none. His wife Sarai couldn’t get pregnant. Sarai must have seen Abram offer the sacrifice. She must have known that he went into a deep sleep and had exerienced the smoking firepot with a blazing torch appearing and passing between the pieces.

It must have weighed heavily on her mind that she desperately wanted children but God had not allowed her to become pregnant. Perhaps, she was a bit frustrated with God. She was now fairly old and her child bearing years looked well behind her. Perhaps she was frustrated that what God had promised didn’t look like it would come through her. Perhaps she was tired of waiting but in any case she decided that she would give her slave, Hagar, over to Abram, her husband so that he could produce a son with her. Perhaps she was angry with God and was acting out against Him. She must have felt like a fool and must have been embarrassed. Maybe, she just wanted out of the whole thing and was tired of this. She just wanted her life to go on in peace. Maybe, she wanted to take a jab at God and felt that if God would make her look like a fool then she would make things happen all on her own and show Him. Or maybe, it was her love for Abram that led her to giving over Hagar to Abram. She was going to fix what she saw as being broken and do it the only way her mind could figure out.



Then she turned it all around and blamed Abram. She blamed Abram and Eve blamed the Serpent. Each wife had a strong desire for something that was outside of her husband’s power to provide. Each wife had a strong desire for something that God was not bringing about to her satisfaction. Each wife concocted an evil scheme and each got her husband involved.

And not one of the four appears in scripture as being repentant.

And in both cases the fallout for all mankind has been devastating to this day. Eve’s desire for the forbidden fruit and her involving her husband, Adam, left all mankind with the curse of sin being passed down from generation to generation. Could this horrific blunder of Eve’s been the direct cause of the feud between her two sons? Cain’s hatred of Abel’s sacrifice being better accepted by God may have been born out of the unrepented sin of his parents.

Sarah’s desire for the forbidden son of a slave girl left us today with the contentious relationship of the two son’s born to Abraham. Ishmael and Isaac. One was the son of desire and the other was the son of promise. The blessing God had in mind would go through Abraham’s son, Isaac. The contention would be passed down through Ishamel. So, today we have the deep hatred and fighting between those descended of Ishmael which are the Muslims and those descended from Isaac which are the Jewish people. Both claiming to be the rightful heir of God’s blessing.

While Hagar was pregnant with Ishmael she came to despise and loathe her mistress. (Genesis 16:5). Could Hagar have possibly treated Sarah with the same despising and loathing that Sarah showed to God? After all, Sarah’s name wasn’t always Sarah. At first her name was Sarai. In Hebrew this name means “quarrelsome”. Could her quarrelsome nature have had some part in getting her into this messy situation?

And Hagar’s treatment of Sarah while she was pregnant with Ishmael was mean spirited because she despised her. She probably gloated and perhaps felt that she had risen in rank above Sarah in Abraham’s eyes because she became pregnant when Sarah couldn’t. Sarah was now old and Hagar was young and possibly beautiful. Hagar was probably convince (like Sarah) that Sarah was well past her child bearing years. But, did her attitude of despising her Mistress come at the cost of breeding into her unborn child this same attitude? Did Ishamel mimick his mother’s actions with Sarah and have the same attitude towards Isaac?

IS THIS WHAT UNREPENTED SIN AND UNSUBMITTED ATTITUDES DO? Was this why God prophesied about Ishmael that he would be like a wild donkey (no one can tame or ride)? Was this why God also said about him that he would live in hostility?

It is also interesting to note that just as the words were pronounced by God over Eve that her desire would be for her husband but that he would rule over her, so too would it be for Ishamel. He would desire the rightful blessings that come with being the first born male child but his younger brother, Isaac, would be the child to receive the promise and the blessing by their father, Abraham and by God. It is this way today.

The descendants of Abraham are both the Jews and the Muslims. The Jews (descended from Isaac) will be treated with despising, disdain and hostility by the Muslims (descendants from Ishmael). The Muslims will forever want the blessings that come through Isaac but will never acheive or receive them. They will be “hostile” and will try to obtain what they desire by circumventing God to get what they want and believe is rightfully theirs.

In the end, the Muslims will do what Eve and Sarah did.

How easy it is to have desire sweep away all rational thoughts. My mind will run towards a very flimsy justification for my bad actions. Then when things don’t work out as I had desired or fantasized that they would, I end up angry at God. And God is saying, “hey wait a minute! I wasn’t an accomplice in this! I had nothing to do with this. You made this mess all on your own.” I do the same things Sarah and Eve did. I work to get what I desire by circumventing God’s will for my life and then when it all goes south I try to believe that God was in on the whole thing like Adam and Abraham were duped into.

As I’ve talked to other people about the Lord and seen their hesitant reaction, I often think about the value of God revealing things to me just like the one above. It is so easy to ignore the stop signs that are right in front of you when you’re desire to continue in your pursuit is at its highest. But, this kind of warning is invaluable to my happiness and survival. It is a blessing and not an embarrassment that God would show me anything about His nature, His word or share His thoughts with me. His course corrections in my life are a blessing that, like today leave me blinking in the sunlight of His radiant love for me.

Love you, Jesus….

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