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The Bible is a story, a true story. It has a specific plot, a specific place and very specific set of circumstances that all set up a specific story line.  It tells us of a person that was specially created. This person was named Adam and he was created with a very special sort of spiritual DNA. He was unlike anything living on earth that was similar to him. He was specially created to be able to commune with God in a much deeper way than anyone had ever before.

In comparison, think about what you may know about the Harry Potter series. It had a specific set of characters that had a special sort of wizarding DNA that enabled them to perform magic. They also faced a series of of obstacles that they needed to overcome. The biggest of them was that of destroying Lord Voldemort who threatened their very lives.

So, too with the Bible. The Bible begins with a very specific man named Adam for a reason. It was that Adam blundered and brought all of mankind into a mess that he couldn’t undo. Adam’s blunder brought us all into a thing called death. This is where the Bible opens. It lists five overall thoughts that we need to remember. The first is that the Bible that in this particular story, God created the universe, the world and everything in it. Secondly, the Bible tells us that God specially created a type of human that had a special ability to connect with that Creator God that no other living thing had ever had or could even come close to having. And thirdly, the Bible tells us that it was through the one man’s blunder that death and separation from this Creator God was brought into being.

The fourth thing that this begining story tells us is that this Creator God is not giving up on this man just because he blundered. His blunder was offensive to God. God thought they were friends. But, Adam’s blunder proved that God wanted to stay more faithful to Adam than Adam wanted to stay to this Creator God. One may think that God would just give up on Adam and wipe him off the earth so He could start again. But, God proved He was the God who sticks closer than a brother. God saw Adam in his helpless state of spiritual death. God saw how this spiritual death deactivated the special spiritual DNA that Adam had obtained at his creation. So, what was a God Who was all love to do?

This brings up the fifth thing that this begining story tells. It sets up the mission for the entire rest of the Bible. It is the promise by Creator God to get Adam a way through death and back into spiritual life. It is the promise of a Savior or Messiah Who has the power to conquor the one thing that no human could do as a human. This would take the power of God. It would also take One Who has Himself passed through death and come back to life.

After all, how can anyone keep a promise of bringing anyone back to life after they are truly dead unless they, themselves have not done it?

But, what mere mortal man has the power of God to do such a thing and NEVER blunder while doing it? No one.

Except Jesus. God chose His Son for a special assignment and asked Him to take on a fleshly body. He would then be fully God and fully human. The fully God part would make sure the fully human part never blundered. The fully human part, though, could be seen by mankind. He could be touched and God could finally, once again, touch back.

I Corinthians 15:21 says this, “Death initially came by a man, and resurrection from death came by a man. Everybody dies in Adam; everybody comes alive in Christ.

Just as the Harry Potter story line has the constant background of knowing that Lord Voldemort isn’t going away and that he will need to be vanquished before the story can come to a conclusion, so too the Bible.

Out of everything that God could have picked as the most important thing He could do, it was this: God wanted to give us the way out of Adam’s blunder while being able to reconnect with mankind in the same special way He had with Adam before Adam blunderred. Meaning, God wanted us to have an avenue to live through and past death.

While God infused a kind special, powerful spiritual DNA into Adam, Adam was not God in the flesh. Death came for all mankind by one man and the resurrection of the dead came for all mankind by only One man too.

I have heard a phrase bantered about that states that: “God is in me AS me.” I have to scratch my head at this one. If God is in me AS me then I am empowered in every area of my life. That sounds great, doesn’t it? But, that is a two-edged sword. Do I want my faulty thinking to be empowered? Do I want my flaws, inconsistancies now to be super-sized? Do I want my deceptive thoughts to be magnified and empowered?

Do I need more ME within me?

I say that I would much rather have “God in me AS God”. I don’t want me to become empowered to just be a more powerful me. I want God in me to become a more powerful God in me. I want God in me to become a more powerful God through me.

Why did I switch the topic? Because, I want to point out the vast difference between Adam and Jesus. Adam was empowered but the part of God that was within Adam could not keep Adam from blundering. It was not because the Spirit within Adam was not strong enough but because Adam didn’t have the power to deny himself in indulging in his own desire and submit to the Spirit of God. Whereas, Jesus, was fully God and fully man. He had the power of God because He was God so that He could resist the temptation and submit to the Spirit.

Getting back to my Harry Potter analogy, Harry had a point where he had to choose what kind of wizard he would be. He was told that the dark magic was very powerful within him but Harry made a concerted effort to take his life in a different direction. Jesus had almost the same thing hoisted onto Himself. The devil brought a fierce temptational test to Jesus’ loyalty to the Father. Jesus stayed true to the Father. Jesus stayed true to Who He was. Even though Jesus’ power as God could have brought Himself more power, wealth, women, fame and rule as a King than He’d known as being God’s humble servant, Jesus made a conscious concerted effort to rebuff this devious leading and He stayed the “Faithful and True Witness”.

So, I am thankful. It is noon on Good Friday and I turn my mind back to Jesus dying on the cross to be able to offer me a way through death.

And for this I am left BLINKING IN SUNLIGHT at the amazing God I serve.

Until next time…..

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