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As I was pondering the creation of the universe, trying to put together some of the pieces within my mind, I began to wonder about the role that I believe that science has in the existence of it all. Was I, as a Christian who staunchly has defended creation, giving evolution a fair shot? Not only did I want to understand the reasoning behind what science believes, I wanted to know more about the internal and personal reasons that I’d never spoken out that tell me what I believe and what I don’t.

I have never put any of this into actual words before. So, I began by talking out loud to myself. I began with a verbal debate and these clips are what sprang to my mind. Thankfully, I was civil with myself, the police were never called and neither I or Myself caused bodily harm to Me.

The first thing I thought of was to define what the word “science” means. I wasn’t looking for the latin definition, I was just looking for a broadly accepted, simple definition. This is Google’s definition.

OK, so science is basically a mental process of study, knowledge, discovery of the world around us through the human actions of observations and experiments.

I got that. But, I hear some people speak of science as if it was a “thing”, all on its own. They state that they are atheists/agnostics who follow science over religion. Apparently, they assume the two are worlds apart; at opposite ends of a spectrum.

But, then I had a problem with that idea of there being polar opposites. Science versus religion, who will win out? I began to debate within my mind if science is really a “thing”. I went back to the definition that it is study and knowledge. This led me to conclude that science only exists within the human mind. Science is not a “thing” but a series of conclusions, theories, thoughts, logical progressions, etc., that all lie within the human mind. That is when I wrote this thought down.

But, is religion a thing? I looked up the definition in Google.

I can’t decide if I feel that “religion” is actually a thing or not. It is interesting to note that the last definition could apply to one who ascribes supreme importance to science and scientific findings. Science could be someone’s religion.

If someone were to ask me (as a Christian) if I had a religion, by the first definition I would have to say, “yes”. I do believe in and worship a personal God. But, one could say that science is a belief in an impersonal pursuit of interest ascribing it of supreme importance in their life. In essence, they may be saying that science is their replacement for what I call God.

I evntually came to the conclusion that religion is a thing because I act out the definition of religion. So, by that same reasoning is science a thing? Yes, because someone acts out the definition. The presence of the result of the acting out of the definition proves the thing has some form of existence in the world. Otherwise, we would have no concept of it or word for it. At least, that is my mind’s thinking.

So, I decided my conclusion in the yellow box above was incorrect.

With that in mind, I tried to find what are some of the limits of both science and religion. I wanted to scope out its borders and edges. So, I came up with this question and I first put science to the test. I asked…

Since science is the study and acquisition of knowledge of the physical world and yet it is also a thing that is only man’s endeavoring quest, would science still exist if humans were taken out of the equation?

In other words, does science exist outside of human thought? Would the remaing monkey, dolphin, lion or whatever know that numbers, electricity, chemicals, etc., exist? Would they ponder how life first came into existence and where they originated from?

To this I would have to say…

Now, I wanted to put that same question to religion.

Question: If mankind were erased from the planet would what remains alive practice religion? The Bible says this…

and again…

These scriptures indicate that even the sea, rivers, hills and every living thing on it praises the Lord. They worship Him. Therefore, the Bible is saying that they would be aware of Who their Creator was, that a Creator exists and that their Creator is to be praised. So, their act of praise is a form of worship and with therefore acknowledges their God. So, I’d have to say, “yes” to the question “would religion exist if all humans were removed from it, leaving only what life remains here?”

Again, this has only been observations and assumptions I have drawn from comapring the definitions of the words “science” and “religion”.

Today’s conclusion:

While I concede that science is a thing, I still think of it as only a construct in the human mind. I do not believe that science would exist if mankind were not occupying the earth but all other current life forms remain.

While I also concede that not all humans believe there is a God, I find it odd that the study of science could be classified as a sort of religious pursuit. But, I believe that religion is a “thing”. I also found that if all of mankind were not occupying the earth but all other current life forms were to remain that religion, according to the Bible, would still exist.

This concludes Day 1 of my investigation. Please, come back for my next post and I’ll continue on with Day 2.

This is Janet Williams and this is my BLIS.BLOG. My goal is sharing with readers the amazing things that I discover that leave me Blinking In Sunlight. .

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