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For me to say that I believe in evolution, I am also stating that I accept and believe several things. These thoughts “evolved” one from the previous one. So, for me to believe in evolution means…

ONE: That evolution, in and of itself, is its own entity; that it is a “thing” that has an existence. For anything to have influence on another thing it has to exist.

TWO: Therefore, something(s) came together; merged; sparked to create the thing that is “evolution.

THREE: That evolution has a life of its own; a purpose of its own.

FOUR: But, evolution IS dependant on having living things on earth and even that there IS an Earth. Otherwise, evolution would have nothing to evolve.

FIVE: It is an external force that works internally on living things as well as on the non-living materials of the earth. The later include rocks, heat, chemicals, etc,.

SIX: That is has to have some intelligence to be able to cause DNA to evolve upwards into a more complex form in a very specific way in order for mankind to become the advanced creature that he is.

SEVEN: That if it didn’t exist, nothing would have evolved.

EIGHT: That evolution is not a “nothingness” because nothingness is only the absence of “something”. Absence of something does not produce a something.

NINE: That evolution doesn’t have a physical presence in the universe but it affects the physical things of the universe. It affects the things that are both seen and unseen.

TEN: That whenever someone changes their life-path and heads in a completely new direction that they are evolving as an individual. (An unseen affect).

ELEVEN: Since even the rock that is Earth is evolving, the entire Universe is evolving also.

TWELVE: Evolution is a perpetual motion machine. If it stopped exerting its force things would stop evolving.

THIRTEEN: If evolution didn’t exist then there would be no catalyst to cause or make continual changes. The only thing left would be stagnation.

FOURTEEN: Either, evolution is a force of nature such as wind, light, etc.; Or it is a force as described in physics such as gravity or magnetism; Or it is a tool used by a higher, intelligent Force that is yet undiscovered and unexplored by science.

FIFTEEN :Evolution must itself, evolve.

SIXTEEN: Since I have never heard that science has said that forces of nature have “evolved” and I have never heard of physicists stating that, as an example, gravity has “evolved” then I must conclude that the third option (14-above) must be the best answer. There must be a higher, intelligent Force that is undiscovered and unexplored by science that uses evolution.

SEVENTEEN: This leads me right back to God. It leads me to the conclusion that God created evolution and uses it as a force that causes continuous evolution.

EIGHTEEN: Jesus came to bring about another move upwards in evolution. Jesus brought us the vision seeing God in the flesh and how we could be; how we could next evolve upward. This type of evolution is one that no one on earth had yet ever experienced. This type of evolution was a spiritual one and those who were born again into Christ were the only ones who could experience it.

The Bible doesn’t call it evolution, however. The Bible uses three separate terms for this kind of spiritual evolution. Transferred, transformed and transfigured are the three words that describe what the rest of the world calls evolution.

When we accept Jesus and are born again, we are immediately transferred out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of Light. This transferrence brings about transformation where we are forgiven of our sins and our spiritual self is changed. At the rapture we will be transfigured and we will return to the state of being that Adam and Eve were in before they sinned.

So, this brings me back to my title for this blog. My Evolutionary Thinking of the Theory of Evolution. It all leaves me BLINKING IN SUNLIGHT.

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