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After watching Wheel of Fortune for many years, I have noticed that there is some correlation between the show, real life lessons and what I learn about God from them. I have written about this before but I would like to add to this theme by giving these 7 more insights.

Don’t get hung up on the “Lose a Turn” or “Bankrupt”. The game still goes on. These don’t mean the end and they don’t equal failure. Life can be like that. A fire that devastates or a bankrupcy can leave one feeling that it’s all over. But, for our God it is just the begining. There’s an old saying, “When you’re half way through hell, don’t stop!” Consider “Lose a Turn” or “Bankrupt” wedges as mere delays, not endings.

No matter how good any three players are at the game, only one goes onto the bonus round. Acceptance of the poor odds in making it to the bonus round will help buffer a player from extreme disappointment if they don’t make it. Remember, going to the bonus round is partly from skill and partly just luck. That’s the way life is too. It isn’t the richest people of the world who are the happiest. It isn’t the smartest people of the world who succeed the most. You’re success isn’t dependant on the College you went to or being born into just the right family. God is looking for those whose hearts are truly His. He’s looking for those who measure success on His scale and not on earthly terms. And accepting (to a certain degree) our lot in life is part of that.

It’s not a conspiracy when one player goes home with only the minimum $1,000. The Wheel wasn’t rigged. No one was paid off to insure another player’s win. The same with God. God’s not out to get you. He’s not out to foil your plans or your life. He’s not part of the dirty, earthly system that is corrupt. But, He’s also not going to bless you while that blessing is an injustice to someone else. Knowing God doesn’t mean that you have any advantage. Stop measuring your success in life by assuming you’re in tight with God. God doesn’t conspire.

It’s not all skill. Some of it is just dumb luck. Guessing is part of the game. Most contestants will guess at letters and be find out that they aren’t in the puzzle at all. It is designed as a game of chance. It seems to be designed as a type of Las Vegas casino game. So, sometimes as we go through life we find that we just have to take an educated guess at which way is the right way to go. But, the more we know God, the more we humble ourselves to Him, the more we seek Him and study His word these types of “guessing” situations slowly become a thing of the past. In other words, God didn’t create us to always leave us guessing and hoping for luck to strike in critical life decisions.

You have to spend money to make money. The biggest way people win at any puzzle is by spending money on vowels. By filling in some of the blanks without having to spin the wheel the contestants get bigger clues as to the solution. It is the best way to avoid landing on bankrupt or lose a turn wedges. Life is like that too. It is a biblical principle that tells us that in order for God to increase your money you have to be a giver.

I’ve said this before in a separate post but not all puzzles are yours to solve. There are puzzles you are destined to solve and puzzles you are destined not to solve. Accepting that will help accept it in real life. Not all jobs are yours for the taking. Not all career choices will work out for you. Not all the people you fall in love with will fall in love with you. There are things that are yours and there are things that belong to others. God has blessings that are yours and blessings that you want but belong to another. Life is just like that.

A contestants preconeived idea of what letter should be in the puzzle will get in the way of what letters are actually in the puzzle. They get an idea of what word it should be and then their minds lock and they cannot think of ANY other alternative. This is why in the real world, God is looking for us to be fluid and not locked in. He wants us and needs us controlled by His Spirit Who may make a left turn when we are convinced it should be a right turn.

As always, my post isn’t as much about encouraging you to watch “Wheel of Fortune” as it is to point you in the direction of understanding the way real life works by comparison. It is also my heart to let you know that these things I see in the real world have a correlation to the spiritual world. When I see these correlations I feel as if I am connecting with the Divine, the Great I AM. These are my “AHA!” moments that leave me blinking in sunlight.

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