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Taking a good look at the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5, 6 and 7, I came away with a concise list of 30 different things that Jesus mentioned as being actions He found repugnant. What are they?

1. Continuing in anger.

2. Speaking contemptuously or insultingly.

3. Offending another without making things right.

4. Looking at a woman with desire that you are not married to.

5. Unfounded divorce.

6. Commiting adultery.

7. Binding by an oath.

8. Swearing by their head or betting your own life in proof of the truth.

9. Resisting evil men or violence added to violence.

10. Turning away a person wanting to borrow.

11. Loving neighbors but hating enemies.

12. Only loving those who love you.

13. Greeting only those you consider bretheren/friends.

14. Doing good deeds just to be seen by others.

15. Giving to the poor and blowing a trumpet to make sure you’re seen.

16. Praying in public to be heard by others to prove your piety and religious devotion. Caring more that others are impressed than that God is impressed.

17. Praying verbose prayers. Prayers filled with lots of words but little meaning or heart.

18. Refusal to forgive.

19. Fasting food and wandering about your day looking gloomy.

20. Heaping up treasures here on earth.

21. Trying to serve two opposing Masters at one time; riches and God.

22. Perpetually uneasy.

23. Praying to have the power, wealth, fame, women, horses, etc., that Solomon had.

24. Judging, criticizing and condemning others.

25. Eye beams that see splinters in others’ eyes.

26. Giving that which is set apart for God to the dogs or hogs.

27. Giving up on asking, seeking and knocking on God’s door.

28. Failed to treat others as they wish to be treated themselves.

29. Trying to enter Jesus’ kingdom through the wide gate.

30. Accepting, listening to, regarding highly false prophets.


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