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17 Reasons for Jesus is Coming Again:            by Janet Williams

1.  To take down the existing faulty kingdoms of the earth and establish His own (Jesus’) kingdom.

2.  To take His (Jesus’) Bride to Himself, marry her and remove the remaining stains of this present world from her completely.

3.  To teach us all of the Father by leading us as our King into God’s holy, divine order of the way we were origonally created to think, feel and live.

4.  To undo the works of the devil. They’re not from God and they need to all go.

5.  To tear down all idols that keep men from knowing the truth; hearing the truth; receiving the truth.

6.  To remove the devli and his demons from influencing us.

7.  To separate those whose hearts are truly His from pretenders and outright haters of Him.

8.  To remove all doubt, every sorrow, all death, pain, confusion and lies.

9.  To move us closer to eternity which is a place that may be complete oneness with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A place where there is no time and no physical anything. A place where are free to be only Spirit.

10. To unify the church as One cohesive Bride. To prove His love for her. To prove His commitment to her. To bring to pass His promises to her.

11. To fulfill the last of the prophecies yet to be fulfilled regarding God’s purpose and reasons for creating all of us and this in the first place.

12. To wipe our memories clear of all pain, sorrow, anguish, fear, horror, tragedy and defeat.

13. To wipe away sin so cleanly that we do not remember what we did in this life that was sin or what others did to us that was sin. To wipe away sin so much that no traces of the consequences or effects of sin remain. No scar, no wound, no bitterness, no fear are present because all that came out of sin is completely abolished; erased. 

14. To bring us out of this confined existence into a much larger place; an enormous place; a place so large that it can never be fully explored.

15. To reveal truths to us that our limited human intellect could not carry, hold, conceive or believe. 

16. To feel the fullness of God’s love so completely that we have no barriers from receiving it. To feel God’s love so intensely that it would have killed us had we experienced it while still in human, fleshly form.

17.  To remove free will from existence. 

There are probably so many more reasons but these were the ones I could think of. In order for me to have the hope that is within me that Jesus is coming again and that the rapture will happen, it is nice to formulate what I expect God is doing and why. This is a good example of this kind of study. I forces me to search the scriptures and think about the why of what God does.

As always, I love to be amazed by the Word of God. I love to be              blinking in sunlight!

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