When reality hits the road

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Sometimes, our ideal is a long time in coming. Sometimes, our ideal never comes. Whatever it is that defines ideal in our lives is what I am speaking about here. The ideal mate; the ideal job; the ideal education are not out of God’s will for your life. He actively goes with each of us ransomed and redeemed to work with us to make our ideal into a reality.

But, there are times when our ideal is something that can never be. That is when we must face the unreal. The unreal feeling of knowing a medical treatment will not work for very long and will not cure a deadly disease. The unreal feeling that you have lost your job and have no money to live off of. The unreal comes into all of our lives.

We may feel God’s wind beneath our wings rising us up when we are working together with Him for the ideal to manifest in our life but His love for us abounds even more when we allow Him to walk together with us so that we are fully prepared to walk through the unreal.

BLIS.BLOG…..by Janet Williams…..Let God’s Goodness root you deeper!

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