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I was listening to the radio where a man on the street was asking a woman if she believed the bible or not. She basically said that it had too many errors and strange stories for her to believe it.

But, as I was listening a thought came to me. I would like to share this thought with you.

Our  human, earthly experiece we call “life” can be compared to a tree. We begin as a seed in our mother’s womb. We are born and are “planted” in soil by living our entire lives on this earth just like a tree grows roots down into the soil. We receive sunshine (meaning good events); we receive rain (meaning bad events); we suffer through storms and high winds that test us and mature us. And, yes, we need the manure too. All the while, through all these things, we grow. 

But, not all soil is alike. Not all winds, rainfall, and sunshine is alike. The soil may be rocky or it may be nothing more than clay. The soil may be deprived of nutrients and may stunt our growth. Or we may be planted in a dense jungle of other trees where we receive little to no sunshine.

Then there is the tree that is planted in good, rich soil. It receives the right amount of rain. It receives good light and is planted in such a place as it receives good light and nice weather. It is free of bugs, pests and diseases and it grows big, sturdy and tall. It becomes a home for the birds and is a pleasure to behold. It gives the viewer a moment of bliss. 

The question then doesn’t become where we find the fault in any certain spot that we choose to plant ourselves in but, rather what spot has the most of what we need to grow, mature and flourish.

We are forced to recognize the bad but keep our eyes on the good. We know the bad will continue to be all around us. 

The question that the man asked the woman about the Bible wasn’t quite the right question. The correct question for this woman is:

Despite all the bad things you think you know about Christianity, Jesus and the Bible, what place are you choosing to be planted in instead?

In other words, as she is answering the question she has already chosen the place where she is planted. The question becomes, “how satisfied with the light, water and soil conditions are you there?”

Jesus said, “I am the Light of the World”. And again Jesus said, “Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” And of soil Jesus says, “others, like seed sown on good soil, hear the word, accept it, and produce a crop- some thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times what was sown.” (NIV)

Jesus guarantees us that He will be our Light and He will provide rivers of living water that flow from within us. He also assures us that the soil of His planting is good, rich, hearty and fertile through His word.


Your 2 Part Assignment:

Part 1

✔︎Read Psalm 1.

✔︎What are the conditions for this tree to remain healthy?

✔︎What are some underlying promises that are given in this Psalm?

✔︎Can you say for certain that the spiritual place you have chosen to be planted is as good as this one is?

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Part 2

✔︎Below is a wild statement. Does it stand up to scriptures? Does it rub against your view of Who God Is? Do you believe in some parts but not others? I challange you to go below your own surface to know what you believe:

I think one important reason God puts us on this earth is to give us numerous choices. In fact, to be flooded with choices, in order to see us in action. He wants to know what choices we will make. I think He does this because He wants to know us, really know us. He wants to be intimately acquainted with us. He wants to see how we react under pressure. He wants to know not just what we polish and put a thin veneer onto to make us look presentable to Him but hide what is way down deep inside of us. So, I think He watches our choices. When things get tough what do we choose? When things get easy what do we choose? In any of these choices do we choose Him even if what He says contradicts what we really want? Do we give to the Lord what we want to give Him and not what He wants of us? Do we do what we want knowing is isn’t what He wants but also knowing we can repent and appologize later?

I think all of the above is our human nature. To give into its constant pull is unhealthy. We must master it as Abel was cautioned to do in Genesis 4. To believe that we can escape it by denying its existence is a pie-in-the-sky dream. To go through our human nature, process its good and bad and be molded by it into His likeness is what God is ultimately after. I think it tells Him a great deal about how we will act in heaven when we get there.  And it’s all determined by the “CHOICES” we make here are earth.

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