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I had made some plans to go out and see the newest Mission Impossible movie with a friend. I really wanted to see that movie because I love action packed films. But, as the day approached something inside was unsettled about going to see it. That is when I remembered that I had made a vow to God that I would not go see Tom Cruise movies. Do you want to know why?

It’s because I have chosen the God I want to serve. I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I serve the Great I Am. I know His name and am not confused as to Who He Is or What He Does. I know how to find Him. I know how to speak to Him with reverence and respect. I know He is not Santa Clause or some made up God inside my own head.

As the years of being a Christian have rolled by, I find that the covenant relationship God has with me through Jesus Christ is a symbiotic one. We’ve agreed to do what is mutually agreed upon and we’ve agreed to stay away from what we’ve mutually agreed upon. We work together every day to accomplish the thing called life together. I don’t step on His toes and He doesn’t step on mine.

It’s just that with Tom Cruise, I know that this is not the god he’s worshiping. I know my God and the fruit of Scientology in Tom Cruises life just isn’t matching with the fruit of someone who is devoted to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. That tells me that he is probably serving some other god than mine.

So, if Tom is serving some other god than mine then he’s serving a false god. And if Tom is serving a false god then everything that pours out of his life is in service to this false god, even his acting. Tom has chosen his god and he has free will to pursue his god. But, I’ve chosen my God and Tom’s god is not my God.

I realized all of this several years ago and was just reminded of it this morning as I was thinking about going out to see Tom Cruise in the latest installment of Mission Impossible. But, the thing that nagged at me inwardly was that I had made a promise to my God that I would not put money into Tom Cruise’s hands so that he could support Scientology and his god. I know that it would only be a fraction of a cent that Tom would actually get from the purchase of my one ticket but even that fraction of a cent spent on Tom says something to my God.

It says that “I’ll serve You, God, until something more exciting comes along.” It says that “I’ll continue our symbiotic relationship with You, God, until something more entertaining comes along.” It has to do with sticking up for my God.

Every day I pray. I’m sure that’s not a surprise to anyone. But, I ask God for help and guidance for the day. I ask God for blessings on others and I lift up the needs of others expecting God to move to resolve them. But, if I were to backtrack and ditch God by going back on my word then is He obligated to do anything in response to my prayers? No. Because, if I break my end of our agreement He is free to do as He pleases in regards to His end of our agreement.

So, I called my friend and said that I wouldn’t be able to go and see the movie. I told my friend why. My friend understood. I also asked God to forgive me for having even thought about going back on my promise.

Now, even though it is a gray and cloudy day I am spiritually left…………………………………..blinking in sunlight!

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